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The History of Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Digitally generated Valentines day vectorObserved on February 14, Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day and the Feast of Saint Valentine, started as a celebration for the one, and possibly more, Christian saint, Valentinus. One of the more popular old stories of Valentinus tells of him performing weddings for Christian couples even though it was illegal in Rome at the time, martyring himself for his cause. The story also says he healed the daughter of his jailer, and before he was executed he wrote her a letter and signed the missive “Your Valentine.” The day came to be associated with the idea of romantic love in the Middle Ages, around the time of Chaucer. Men and women used to pull names from a bowl to determine their valentine and wear the name on the sleeve of their clothing for a week, which is possibly the origins of the expression “wear your heart on your sleeve.” There was also a tradition at the time where women would eat a hard boiled egg and then pin bay leaves to her pillow on Valentine’s Day Eve. This was supposed to make her dream about her future husband.

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