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Tudor Style Home

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Architecture: Tudor Style Home

A large estate home, Tudor style, in the UK.Tudor style homes came from the techniques used in the medieval era. In the 1920’s people around America caught on to these types of homes and the style grew in popularity. Tudor Style Homes remain popular in the suburbs. They are known by many other names. A few of the names they are known by are Storybook Style, Cotswold Cottage, and Ann Hathaway Cottage to name a few.

You will usually see these homes with stucco, brick, or stone siding. They often place a chimney near the front door. The chimney will be constructed of brick or stone. The roof is steep with cross gables. A gabled roof is the kind of roof you usually see kids draw. Gable refers to the triangular wall between the edges of the roof. Casement windows with small panes are popular with this type of house. A casement window is the kind that has hinges on the side and they open outward. A Tudor style home is usually equipped with dormer windows. These windows are located on the roof of the house. They are placed there as a source of ventilation or light on the top floor. It contains small arched doors instead of the typical door you will see in a house.

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