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New Year’s Day Good Luck Foods

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While New Year’s Eve is spent counting down until midnight waiting for the ball to drop (and perhaps celebrating with the popping of a champagne bottle!), New Year’s Day is filled with people making specialty dishes believing certain foods will help usher in different successes in the new year. Read below to find out what certain foods are supposed to represent!

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History of Groundhog Day

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Groundhog Day

History and Trivia About Groundhog Day (1)-Design Build PlannersGroundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd. The day is based on the traditional myths that it marks the beginning of a new season. Groundhog day begins by when the groundhog comes out of the ground from its burrow. If it is a sunny day and if the sunlight shines upon the groundhog, it will naturally go back to its burrow. This day usually marks the beginning of the spring. However, if it is not sunny, it means that the winter will only persist for another six weeks after which spring will come.

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