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How Does a Sun Tunnel Work?

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How Does a Sun Tunnel Work?

Velux sun tunnel - Design Build Planners (1)Don’t you just hate it when you’re looking for something in your closet and you can’t see what you’re clutching at? Or when you’re walking in the dark hallway, bumping your toe against something because of a lack of light? I know I do.

Most of us have this sort of problem. There isn’t enough light reaching those tight spots in our houses during the day, but it’s not a big enough space to install a light.

The problem of dark spaces in our houses is officially a thing of the past. A fairly new product is being adopted by companies specializing in windows and roof windows. They call it the sun tunnel, and it is a very easy concept to grasp.

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Value Driven Home Improvements for Less Than $1,000

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In a recent interview, Neil Parsons, owner of Design Build Planners, was asked the following questions about basic home improvement projects that may be achieved for less than $1,000.

Q: For homeowners looking to make home improvement upgrades, but only have a $1,000 budget, which areas of the home should they focus on? Why?

A: First, I believe that all homeowners should have a list of projects that need to be done. As we all have learned, anything committed in writing is more likely to get done. The list should be broken in two categories: things that need to be done and things than you want to have done. For example, you need to address a leaking faucet or pipe but, you want to change a kitchen countertop. I always suggest completing the needs before the wants for many reasons. One reason is goal setting. People will want to get through the needs as quick as possible to be able to start on the wants.
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