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Stucco Siding for Your Home

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Stucco Siding for Your Home Stucco Siding for Your Home (1)-Design Build PlannersStucco siding basically refers to the same plaster that is used inside a house during construction, although it has some modifications that make it different from common plaster. For instance, stucco siding has been made harder and more durable, so that it can withstand the harsh weather conditions outside. Stucco siding is very important for insulation purposes. If you want a building that is immune to temperatures changes and impervious to water, then stucco siding products are the way to go. There are different types of stucco, ranging from the traditional material that has been used for decades since the Second World War to the synthetic stucco (EIFS stucco) that is more popular in the 21st century. Continue reading