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Painting Wood Stairs in NJ

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Wood stairs can look old and worn over time. One potential fix is painting your wood stairs. If the painting is done by a professional, you won't have to worry about the painting chipping right away. You only get the benefit of revitalizing a focal point of your interior...As you can see by the before and after pictures, it certainly adds pop! Having done several job for our clients, DBP Trade Partner, Tammy Thiele is our go to referral. Tammy did the wood stair painting project featured in this blog.

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Spiral Stairs for Your Home

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Spiral stairs can be a great option for your home. One benefit to spiral staircases versus a traditional staircase is the square footage savings. Since the spiral design isn't confined to a large rectangular structure, a spiral stair case can be put in more locations and will always save space. Spiral staircases also have a very aesthetically pleasing look.

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Staircase Options and Alternatives to Carpet

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Staircase Options and Alternatives to Carpet Stairs with a carpet runner - Design Build PlannersIf your home staircase was originally carpeted you can now opt for other alternatives. Innovative staircase designs and materials including glass have altered the way a staircase can look. In fact you could, like others, use the look of the staircase to lend a theme to your home interior. Staircase treads are decorated with tiles and murals to give them a unique look. So take your pick and change the old carpeted staircase. Continue reading

Installing Attic Stairs

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Installing Attic Stairs by the Design Build PlannersIf you have your own attic, then you probably already know this but still it is worth mentioning that attics are one of the best storage places that a house can have. However, there are some houses where attics have not been made easy to access which can make storage a challenging task to achieve on your own. Having stairs to allow you easy attic access can be a great solution to such problems and you should definitely consider installing them. Continue reading

Stair Railing Material Options

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Stair Railing Material Options Stair Rail Material Options (2)-Design Build PlannersStair railings, whether outdoor or indoor, serve the same purpose which is enhancing the safety of individuals using the stairs. In your search for stair railing materials, the options available may be quite overwhelming. There are a number of factors one needs to consider when choosing a stair railing material such as the material’s resistance to weather conditions, match to the external color and trimmings of the house, and the stair design. Each of the different stair railing materials available comes with both pros and cons. Thus the choice squarely lies with one’s taste and needs. So, which options are available? Continue reading