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Cold, Drafty Windows and Walls?

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Have you have ever felt like was a draft in the winter while you were standing inside next to a solid wall or large picture window? There might not be a an air leak at all. An outer wall and window in the winter will be colder than your body temperature. Heat seeks an an equilibrium, a balance, so it will leave your body through your skin and go toward the colder surface. That transfer of heat actually feels like a cold draft on your skin.

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Residential Solar Power Battery

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Residential Solar Power Battery

Energy efficient constructionThe need for alternative sources of power continues to grow as the drain on the current electrical grid continues to grow congruently. In recent years, many businesses and home owners have discovered the benefits of using natural resources to harness energy. One such source of natural energy is solar power, or power derived from the sun’s energy. Solar energy has come a long way since its beginning. While solar panels are still widely being used and are very effective, they have their drawbacks in that energy is not captured on cloudy or rainy days. It is only when the sun is shining that the panels are able to absorb the sun’s energy. One company has attempted to solve this problem. Tesla Motors, the maker of the luxury electric sedans, is beginning its own research into an alternative way to capture the renewable energy of the sun.

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Power of the Sun

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Embracing The Power of The Sun With Solar Panels For Your New Jersey Home

Solar Energy (1)In the past, when people talked about harnessing the power of the sun, it wasn’t possible. Then it started to become a true solution, but it wasn’t very cost effective. Fast forward to modern times and you will notice that the sun can give you an incredible amount of power, fuel a grid, and store a lot of energy for your home. It’s all a matter of looking into paneling that can give you a leg up on the electric bill. Whether you’re looking for solar panels for your New Jersey home, or you are anywhere in the country, you will find that this solution has some serious benefits that you’ll want to look into. Continue reading