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Fresh Air Skylights from Velux

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Fresh Air Skylights from Velux

Fresh Air Skylights From Velux (1)When you buy a home, you may find that there is no open lighting in many of the living areas. Your ceiling and roof may not have any sort of openings, and that’s fine. Millions of people have a dream home that has no sort of skylight, or anything of that nature. However, if you want to install this after the fact, and you want to look at the night sky or you just want to have an extra ventilation source, you’ll find that adding a nice skylight can be something worth looking into. Continue reading

Skylight Options for Your Home

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Skylights for your Home (1)Skylights are light transmitting, decorative elements in home decor that are placed on the roof of a house or something similar in order to get daylight. Skylights essentially have the same purpose as windows. Open skylights (skylights without windows were used since ancient times). Continue reading