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5 Great Home Projects and What They Cost

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5 Great Home Projects and What They Cost kitchen remodel with wall removal - Design Build Planners (2)This is a guest blog done by Kathi Fleck of LoneStar Property Solutions. You can read an interview she had previously done with Design Build Planners here. Remodeling one room seems to have a snowball effect in that there’s always something we feel we can do to make other spaces better, more efficient, more comfortable or just more visually appealing. With that in mind, we’ve pulled the most requested add-ons by clients once their initial project has started. These low to high-impact changes can improve your home and add to its functionality. Each project features what type of remodeling professional(s) can complete the home project and if a permit is required. We’ve also included the approximate cost information below. Continue reading

How Does a Sun Tunnel Work?

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How Does a Sun Tunnel Work? Velux sun tunnel - Design Build Planners (1)Don’t you just hate it when you’re looking for something in your closet and you can’t see what you’re clutching at? Or when you’re walking in the dark hallway, bumping your toe against something because of a lack of light? I know I do. Most of us have this sort of problem. There isn’t enough light reaching those tight spots in our houses during the day, but it’s not a big enough space to install a light. The problem of dark spaces in our houses is officially a thing of the past. A fairly new product is being adopted by companies specializing in windows and roof windows. They call it the sun tunnel, and it is a very easy concept to grasp. Continue reading

Sunroom Addition Adds More Than Just Light To a Home

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No matter what the weather's like in your part of the country, seasonal rooms and sunrooms can be a welcome and flexible addition to your home's layout. Whether the sunshine is constant or only an occasional visitor, get inspired by one of these spaces to create your own sensational sunroom, full of natural light. Sunrooms tend to be a very popular, bonus room in a home. Regardless of the planned use, a sunroom becomes place of relaxation and enjoyment. Continue reading