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Inline Injector Pump for Basement Bar Sink

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An inline injector pump allows you to have a sink in your basement. This comes in handy when looking to create a wet bar area in your next remodel or if you wanted a sink next to the laundry in the basement. Read more to find out about the practicability of having an inline injector pump in your basement. Continue reading

Instant Hot Water Dispensers

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Instant Hot Water Dispenser - instahot Instant Hot Water Dispensers (Instahot) are not complicated by any means and are very useful. They consist of a miniature electric water heater and a storage tank that are both installed under the sink. Many are connected to water filters, and some models even provide cold and hot water from the sink. Water flows up the supply line into the filtration system guaranteeing the freshest water possible, from there it travels up to a 2/3 tank where it is instantly heated to around 200 degrees. While the water is heated it is replaced by fresher water and with the fast recovery system it can deliver up to 60 cups of boiling water per hour. Continue reading

Unclogging Your Sink

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Hi There, Fellow Gardeners! This is Becca. unclogging your sink - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (1)Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on Unclogging Your Sink. Cleaning out a congested drain can be an unwanted hassle – and costly. We at Organic Gurlz Gardens have a few tips for unclogging the sink pipes. One of the most obvious ways to prevent clogging is to avoid placing hair or large items down the drain. Washing down the sink with hot water also aids in keeping the drain from obstacles. Continue reading

Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel farmer style apron sink ~ Design Build Planners (1)If you’re doing a bit of remodeling, why not think about using a farmhouse sink for your kitchen? It’s the kind of question you should be asking yourself in the early stages of the remodeling, when you’re just planning things out, because the farmhouse sink requires a few adjustments – but it’s definitely worth the effort. To begin with, it’s bigger than most regular sinks, which means you may have to order custom-made cabinets for proper fitting. Keep in mind that the sink is meant to be slightly longer than the surfaces around it – so as to make sure any dripping water goes on the floor, not on any wooden surface. Also, it’s meant to be slightly lower than the counters, to make it easier to wipe out any crumbs directly in the sink. If you don’t want that, you can find a model that’s just as tall and just as wide as the counters surrounding it. Continue reading

What is an Insta-Hot Spout

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What is an Insta-Hot Spout insta hot spout for kitchen remodeling - Design Build PlannersAn insta-hot spout is a dispenser system directly attached to your kitchen sink or even faucet that instantly produces water hot enough for hot tea, soup, baby bottles, or other hot beverages. Insta-hot spouts save you the time and effort of having to heat up water in a tea kettle or on the stovetop. It also looks very classy in your kitchen sink, like you are a step ahead and know just what you and your family needs. Having nearly-boiling water right at your fingertips makes so many kitchen tasks easier, like making pasta or even cleaning pans with a lot of built up grease. The super hot water (usually about 93°F) cuts through the grime a lot more quickly than regular hot water from the spout. If you think about how often you have to boil water a day, you will come to the realization having hot water on demand would make your life so much easier. If you are doing some kitchen remodeling, it is a great addition to consider. Continue reading