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Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Siding Options?

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Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Vinyl Siding?

Hardi Plank - Design Build Planners Remodeler Network (2)Recently, Tess Wittler wrote an article for Professional Remodeler Magazine examining the decline of vinyl siding. According to the article, “Vinyl siding has lost traction in the exterior cladding market every year since 2007. While vinyl siding is still the top choice across the U.S. and Canada, its market share fell from 39 percent in 2003 to 27 percent by 2013.

While vinyl siding is the first thing to pops into your head when considering an exterior remodel, the fast emerging option is Hardi-Plank cement fiber. Including installation, vinyl siding is approximately $100 less per square foot.

So how do Neil Parsons and the Design Build Planners accommodate the desire to move away from vinyl, but still be cognizant of the budget?

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Cement Fiber Siding for Your New Jersey Home

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Green Hardi Plank composite siding for an exterior remodelFor many years the most popular choice in house siding has been either wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Wood really does look great, but it also requires a great deal of maintenance. On the other hand, vinyl requires a lot less effort in terms of maintenance, but it might not look as good. Aluminum is in the worst state as it has completely fallen out of fashion in the recent decades. Another rising option to consider is cement fiber siding. By combining the great looks of wood and the low effort that the vinyl requires, this can be the ideal home exterior for the modern Hardi Plank home. If you are interested in finding out more information about cement fiber siding and New Jersey remodeling, continue reading.

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Stucco Siding for Your Home

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Stucco Siding for Your Home

Stucco Siding for Your Home (1)-Design Build PlannersStucco siding basically refers to the same plaster that is used inside a house during construction, although it has some modifications that make it different from common plaster. For instance, stucco siding has been made harder and more durable, so that it can withstand the harsh weather conditions outside. Stucco siding is very important for insulation purposes. If you want a building that is immune to temperatures changes and impervious to water, then stucco siding products are the way to go. There are different types of stucco, ranging from the traditional material that has been used for decades since the Second World War to the synthetic stucco (EIFS stucco) that is more popular in the 21st century. Continue reading

Home Improvement Trends

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Homeowners personalize their home rather than move;
Design Build Planners reveal new trend during National Home Improvement Month.

Toms River, New Jersey, May 1st, 2012—In honor of National Home Improvement Month this May, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) reveals that homeowners are personalizing their space during a remodel as the tough housing market forces more people to stay, rather than move.

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Remodeling Runs in the Parsons Family

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BY JASON PARSONS OF DESIGN BUILD PLANNERS REPRINTED FROM THE DAILY5REMODEL…written in 2011 for a Fathers Day edition on the website

My brother Neil, 15 years my senior, has raised me since I was 10 years old. At the time, he was the owner of a small general contracting company, Parsons Construction. During the summer, I went to work with him as a form of “babysitting.” That first summer, he had the cleanest truck and jobsites in town. I started to take an interest in the work soon after. Continue reading