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Folding Bench Seat for a Shower

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Shower seats are very practical for many reasons in bathroom remodels. Free standing shower seats are liable to topple over, however, wall supported shower benches come with a hinged support bracket, so they can be folded up and out of the way when not in use. While they are commonly installed for elderly people or people with mobility issues, many find that it is useful when exhausted. Women also frequently use it for support while shaving their legs.

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Bench or Shower Seat

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Bench seat in shower - Design Build PlannersBench Seat for Your Shower

Just as the dining room may appear incomplete when it is not equipped with the dining tables and chairs, a shower area simply looks more aesthetic with a full range of accessories. Some of these accessories that are very critical for proper functionality of the shower room are the shower seat or bench seat for the shower. Continue reading