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Custom Shower Options for a Bathroom Remodel

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Custom Shower Options for a Bathroom Remodel (1)-Design Build PlannersThere comes a time when you decide that it is finally time to remodel your bathroom. You can find showers in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and it is possible that you can outfit them with some amazing features such as bench seats, body sprays, rain heads, steam shower, shower niches and so many more luxurious showers options. You have an unlimited number of choices when looking at custom shower options for bathroom remodeling.


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Contemporary Bathroom Remodel at the New Jersey Shore

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The Monmouth County homeowners wanted the 1980’s master bathroom converted into a brighter, trendier four-fixture bathroom with a large comfortable shower, private water closet, and an upscale double vanity. The bathroom remodel was a part of other renovations including the reconfiguration of the master bedroom and walk-in closet. The redefined space allocated for the new master bathroom was one third less than the original.

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Shower Niche Provides Storage and Design Elegance

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Who hasn’t banged their head or elbow on a shower soap dish or corner shelf? If you haven’t, consider yourself  very fortunate. Hair care products, soaps, gels and more need all a place in the shower. Factor in that target marketing is effective in prompting most family members to want their own particular brand making the number of shower items multiply. As the number of household shower items grew, so did the popularity of ceramic soap dishes and corner shelves that protrude from the wall tile. Then came the shower caddy. The plastic or metal shelves with a loop or hook above to attach to the shower head. Continue reading