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Installing a Home Safe

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Installing a Home Safe empty metal safe in wallPassports, jewelry and other types of legal documents are a few of the most precious items in any households. Safety experts recommend to keeps these documents and other high value documents in a fire proof home safe. There are many places inside the house where you can safely store your safe containing your precious items. Home safes are designed and manufactured in many shapes and sizes and they can also be customized to suit a particular demand from a customer. These safes are heavy to lift due to reinforced steel used to make it fire proof and resistant to other types of damages. Continue reading

Entry Lockset Technology

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Entry Lockset Technology Safe Zone messageThe developments in technology have completely revolutionized many sectors of business and domestic life. It is therefore not a surprise to find out that technology has now ventured into the security business, equipping us with innovative solutions that will make it harder for unauthorized people to gain access into our homes and offices. There are many mobile based applications that have configured your keypad lock to only open once your biometric information has been processed by the app and a positive identification made. Continue reading