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Drone Photography and Video for Real Estate Listings

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On this post, we discussed how drones photography can be helpful in the roofing industry. But drones are also very helpful with real estate! With drone photography and video, realtors and potential buyers are able to see a panoramic view of the outside of the home.

Regular photos taken from the ground level do not always give the best depiction of the area.

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Drone Photography and Video for Roof Inspections in NJ

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The following is a quote from trusted DBP remodeler, John Hogan of Blue Nail Exteriors.

I like drones because they are safe, efficient, and fun to use! Homeowners should not allow anyone on their roof without a contract in place and their certificate of insurance. Without a contract, they are responsible for any injuries that may occur to the estimator while on the roof.

For your next project, consider the use of drones for photography and video for roof inspections.

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New “Cooler” Roofing Material

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New “Cooler” Roofing Material

New Cooler Roofing Material Option (1)-Design Build PlannersThe remodeling industry may have just uncovered a game changer . Researchers from the Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney have created a roofing material that can stay cooler than the ambient air temperature. This new “cooler roofing material stood the test even at the peak temperatures of the Australian summer.

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Gable Roof Shape

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Gable Roof Shape

Gable roof framing ~ Design Build Planners (1)A gable roof shape fits into your most basic idea of a home – in fact, it’s the type of roof that most children would draw, when they start drawing houses. For most people, the ideal picture of home has a small yard with a dog, a little white fence, and a gable roof shape to crown it all.

The first thing you should know about it is that it’s not the roof that forms the shape, but the walls under it. It’s sort of intuitive when you realize it, but not immediately obvious when you’re looking at a house. The consequences of the chosen roof shape are felt in the entire construction style and features of any building, so think carefully before you add a wing to your home, or before you purchase a new house.

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New Jersey Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing for Your New Jersey Home (2)-Design Build PlannersThe construction business is something that has always been of great interest to people. Many experiments and techniques have been tested in order to make this business cost efficient, effective, and satisfying for the customers in the long run. In order to achieve this, it becomes necessary in the construction of a house or a building that the construction materials are chosen wisely. One highly effective choice is that of metal roofing. Continue reading

Solar Roof Shingles for Your New Jersey Home

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Solar Roof Shingles (1)We all need a roof and are always looking for ways to make electricity more affordable. Solar Roof Shingles are a great way to get the best of both worlds. Solar energy provides an endless supply of safe and renewable energy which can be used for heat and power. Solar roof shingles are an extremely efficient way of turning a shingle roof into an energy producer. These hybrid shingles protect your roof from bad weather and also consume solar power transforming it into usable energy. Continue reading

When to Repair or Replace Your Roof

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Homeowner advice from the National Association of The Remodeling Industry – NARI

Leaks, renovations, and old age: no matter what the motivation, there never seems to be a convenient time to deal with roofing issues. So how do you know when you should simply repair your roof or invest in a whole new one?

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Home Improvement Trends

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Homeowners personalize their home rather than move;
Design Build Planners reveal new trend during National Home Improvement Month.

Toms River, New Jersey, May 1st, 2012—In honor of National Home Improvement Month this May, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) reveals that homeowners are personalizing their space during a remodel as the tough housing market forces more people to stay, rather than move.

According to a poll on NARI.org, 26 percent of respondents are planning to stay an additional 16 to 20 years in their homes because their home values have decreased during the recession. Twenty-three percent reported they are going to stay an additional six to 10 years in their homes. Continue reading

Remodeling Runs in the Parsons Family

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BY JASON PARSONS OF DESIGN BUILD PLANNERS REPRINTED FROM THE DAILY5REMODEL…written in 2011 for a Fathers Day edition on the website

My brother Neil, 15 years my senior, has raised me since I was 10 years old. At the time, he was the owner of a small general contracting company, Parsons Construction. During the summer, I went to work with him as a form of “babysitting.” That first summer, he had the cleanest truck and jobsites in town. I started to take an interest in the work soon after. Continue reading