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River Rock Pebbles for Your Shower

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River Rock Pebbles for Your Shower

river rock pebble shower floor ~ Design Build Planners (1)If your browse the Internet for just a few minutes, you can find some absolutely stunning bathroom designs that use river rock pebbles. They’re a great way to emphasize the connection to nature, they can be used in connection with rustic, as well as modern designs, and they’re soft and friendly on the feet.

So, when redesigning your bathroom, you could do no better than using river rock pebbles for your shower. You can use the same tiles on the walls too, or at least on one of them. Before you get carried away, take a few moments to think and picture the room – since this will typically be a rather small space, adding too many shapes and colors may turn out to be just too much, and you’ll be better off with simpler walls in a solid color.

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