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Who Will Build Your Next Remodeling Project?

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Design Build Planners works as project designers taking our clients through the design and development portion of a remodeling project. This includes the conceptual design using dollhouse overviews and CAD, written scope of work with line item pricing, +/- options, design appropriate product selection allowances (along with introductions to Design Build Planners  Showroom Partners), and calendar schedules outlining project timelines.

At that point, approximately 70% of our clients elect to use one of our full service, turn key, Network Remodelers. You can read about what separates our remodelers here. How do the other 30% of our clients get their projects completed? There are three options:

  • Build it themselves
  • GC it themselves
  • Use a remodeler outside of our network

Below are two reviews from clients who used DBP’s design and development services, but chose a remodeler outside of our network. As you can tell, this option certain adds some variability to the situation. While DBP works for the client and NOT the remodeler, most clients find that our “ground rules” for our network remodelers along with our vetting process goes a long way in terms of getting the project completed in a manner that leaves all parties happy.

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Buying a Home with Intent to Remodel

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House for sale to be remodeled - Design Build PlannersOne inquiry we get frequently at Design Build Planners is homeowners who purchase homes with the intention of embarking on a “major remodel”, whether that is in the form a complete interior renovation, large additions, add-a-level, or some combination of the aforementioned. While Design Build Planners has successfully done the design and development for several of these types of projects, there are various aspects of the major remodel undertaking that homeowners should understand ahead of time.
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New Jersey Home Renovation Experts Answer Your Top 3 FAQs

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New Jersey Home Renovation Pros NJWhen people are preparing to do a home renovation in NJ, they often have a lot of questions before they feel comfortable getting started. Luckily for them, most people end up having the same types of questions, so it’s much easier to address them generally. We got together with some of the top New Jersey home remodeling experts and asked them about some of the most commonly heard questions that we get when it comes to home remodeling.  Of course the Design Build Planners will always answer your specific questions as well.  If you would like, schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call with one of us today.

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