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One Floor Living in New Jersey

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While some people dream of large mansions, others prefer single floor living. These are known as ranch-styled homes. Ranch homes are deeply rooted in American history and have appeal to homeowners for many different reasons. Firstly, ranch homes are often less expensive. Further, for families with elderly (or aging) like the ability to have them avoid having to use the stairs.

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Ranch Style Home

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Architecture: Ranch Style Home

Ranch style home ~ Design Build Planners (2)A ranch style home is simple. It is like the old saying, there is more than meets the eyes when it comes to this type of home. A traditional ranch style home is only one story. After World War 2, ranch style homes met the need for the soldiers returning home and their families. These ranch style homes were constructed of metal, but that was only for a brief time when Lustron Homes was popular. Later on the material changed. There is also split-level ranch style homes. The first ranch style home was built in the 1920’s. Nine out of every ten homes built were ranch style homes by the 1950’s.

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