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Prairie Style Home

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Architecture: Prairie Style Home

3d Model of prairie house photo-matched in landscapeThe Prairie Style Home is still popular. You will find this type of home in the Midwestern United States. There’s two styles of Prairie Style Homes. These two kinds are boxy and low-slung. A boxy Prairie Style Home is symmetrical while the low-slung is balanced. The first Prairie Style Home was designed in 1893. It was devised by an architect by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright in suburban Chicago. Wright worked with Louis H. Sullivan. Sullivan also mentored Wright. Wright left Sullivan’s firm in 1893 to start his own architecture business. This was when Wright designed the Prairie Style Home. He wanted the home to be organic. In other words, he wanted the home to be constructed of natural materials, unlike the many modern homes that are made from man-made materials. Most modern Prairie Style Homes are no longer built like when Wright started.

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