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History of the Toaster

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History of the Toaster

pop up toaster for your kitchen - Design Build PlannersToast came from a Latin word. It came from the word tostum; which means to burn or scorch. Before the toaster, people toasted bread over a fire. Romans discovered toasting bread. They toasted the bread to preserve it. Technology advanced over the years and the first electronic toaster was invented in 1893. The first electric toaster took the place of people toasting bread in their kitchen over an open fire. The toaster wasn’t as advanced as they are today. You would have to pay close attention to your bread if you wanted a good toasted piece.

The first pop-up toaster was patented in 1919 by Charles Strite. After the first pop-up toaster, you no longer had to flip the toast. The pop-up toaster became famous in a short period. In 1922, four hundred thousand units were sold. In 1930, over one million units were sold. The design of the toaster hasn’t changed much, but the features have undergone drastic change. The features continue changing as technology advances.

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