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Dutch Doors for NJ Homes

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Two doors which move independent of one another is the makeup of a Dutch Door. While most doors have three hinges, this design requires a fourth. A dutch door essentially combines a door with a large window.

The bottom portion contains the doorknob and lock, and the top portion contains a latch to attach the two portions together. When latched together, a dutch door will preform the same as a traditional door. Often, they have something that resembles a window sill at the top of the bottom portion.

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Pet Station in Your Mudroom

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Pet Station in Your Mudroom (1)-Design Build PlannersPet Station in Your Mud Room

The decision to keep a pet in the house is a big one; you need to work out where it will sleep, where it will eat, where you’ll store its food and supplies. If you’re purchasing a cat, you have a litter box to worry about, while dogs bring their own set of accidents and unpleasant smells to the table. Carving out a space in your home for a pet is every bit as difficult as outfitting a baby’s nursery or giving a child their own bedroom! But there’s a simple solution that a lot of families overlook: the mudroom. Giving your pet a safe space centered around your family mudroom is a great option that will keep your house clean and organized, and you sane as well.

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