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Pet Doors for Your Home

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Pet Doors for Your Home Dog door ~ Design Build Planners (3)Having a pet in your home is an amazing thing. If you have a fenced in yard, you might want to consider adding a doggy door or a pet door, for that matter. This would help them let themselves in and out without you being involved. Thus, it is advantageous to both you and your pet since they would be controlling themselves in and out the house while you continue with what you were doing. Pet doors are easy to install despite the fact that putting a hole in your door or wall might be intimidating at first. They are mostly accompanied by an easy-to-understand and a comprehensive step by step installation instructions. The most common tools you might need for the installation process might include a screwdriver, electric drill, a masking tape, nails, a jig saw and most probably a tape measure. A pet door or a doggie door can also be installed in a wall rather than a door. Many pet doors are appropriate for wall installations hence they give your pet access to adjoining rooms to reach for food and other things. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling with a Kid’s Theme

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Bathroom Remodeling with a Kid's Theme Kid themed bathroom remodeling - Design Build Planners One thing we mention a lot in our blogs is pet friendly remodeling. However, another thing that must be considering when undertaking a remodeling project... kid friendly remodeling! Obviously safety for all parties is of the utmost importance of any remodeling project, but why not go with a remodeling project that has a kid's theme? So people are turned off by undertaking a remodeling project that has a kid's theme. However, it must be noted that it isn't hard to make changes to the design when the child outgrows it. In the meantime, remodeling with a kid's theme provides many benefits. Continue reading