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Credit Card Processing For Remodelers

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This is a re-print of a blog article that Design Build Planners wrote for Lowes. It is the first in a series called “Tech Tools of the Trade.” CLICK HERE to view this article published on the LowesForPros website. Upcoming topics include “Utilizing Houzz Ideabooks for Project Design and Development” and “Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.”

Internet for remodelers - Design Build PlannersIn the remodeling industry, not all “tools” are kept in a tool box or belt. Many crucial business tools are software and technology. The internet has been a game changer for many industries and remodeling is no exception. There are many software programs and websites that can greatly assist remodeling companies in many ways. Each department, accounting, marketing, sales, and production can find help with today’s technology. For some smaller companies, these departments may be compromised of just one or two people wearing multiple hats. Continue reading