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Backyard Fire Pit Options

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firepit for patio and outdoor living space - Design Build PlannersBackyard Fire Pit Options The first thing you would need to do when going for an outdoor fire pit is to select the perfect location where you want to install it. When choosing a location to place your pit, you should mainly consider how safe the location is since even a small spark can sometimes cause problems. As another option, a gas fire pit can help provide warmth while complementing your landscape perfectly. Continue reading

What is an Infinity Tub?

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What is an Infinity Tub? Infinity Tub - Design Build PlannersSoaking in a tub after a long day is just heavenly. Water tends to seep away the tiredness and stress from the body. These days, more and more people are choosing Infinity tub, for a spa-like experience. An infinity tub is a soaking tub that has no overflow hole. Rather, there is an overflow design at the edges that allows water to flow over freely. Continue reading