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How to Make Homemade Holiday Beer

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Hi There, Fellow Gardeners!

This is Becca.

how to make homemade holiday beer - Organic Gurlz GardensToday, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on How to Make Homemade Holiday Beer.

The snow-filled holidays are swinging around and I bet you are ready to prepare your spectacular beer for the winter. Don’t fret about not having the beverage to impress – I have a few tips and tricks to assist in wowing anyone who sips the ‘over 21’ drink.

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Controlling Garden Pests Without Chemicals

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Controlling Garden Pests Without Chemicals

Deer eating your garden - Organic Garden Gurlz Fort Wayne, IndianaIf you are like us, you love to share your herb garden with family and friends, and you don’t even mind if some of the native wildlife takes an occasional taste, but you can get bothered and annoyed if invasive insect pests take up residence and claim the best of what you have planted.  Luckily, most herbs aren’t really affected by bugs like other types of flowers in your garden, especially woody varieties, such as thyme and lavender.  However, there are other herbs that can be a challenge to grow to harvestable quantities, like my basil.  Not only do deer love basil, but it appears to attract garden slugs. So when you’re growing organically you might find that you’re going to get some slug holes on your leaves, early in the growing season.   One good way to grow organically, and to not have that problem, is spread a layer of bark dust over your garden bed.  Even acorns or seashells will work, if they are available.  Another good  trick to growing organically is to just use raised beds with good drainage, and make sure there’s not a lot foliage on the very bottom of each plant – just trim them up a little bit, so the slugs don’t have something to grab on to. Continue reading

Growing Organic Herbs at Home

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Organic Herbs ~ Organic Garden Gurlz Fort Wayne IndianaImportance of growing organic herbs

There are many reasons why we at Organic Gurl’z Gardens, believe you should consider growing organic herbs at home, as opposed to purchasing your herbs only from a local certified organic growers.  Easily the number one, most commonly cited, reason for using locally grown organic herbs is the health and safety of our families.   Continue reading

USDA Organic Vegetable Standards

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Organic vegetables - Organic Garden GurlzUSDA organic vegetable standards

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program is responsible for certifying organic vegetables. Organic growing farms, packing and processing plants are inspected to ensure that USDA organic standards are being followed. Strict guidelines are in place which disallow the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified products to grow food. Continue reading

Raised Bed Gardening

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Raised Bed Garden - Organic Garden GurlzRaised bed gardening is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in yards with smaller spaces, and for people with limited mobility or back issues. Container gardening may take a little more time to get started, but it is in many ways easier gardening. As I get a little older myself, I’m becoming a big believer in the adage, “work smarter, not harder.” When you plan your new garden, think about the following considerations: ease of use, depth of soil, drainage and nutrients. Ask yourself, “How far are you willing to, or comfortably able to bend over?” A garden which is difficult, or painful, to maintain sometimes becomes a neglected garden.  Continue reading