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Healthy Brunch Ideas for Your New Kitchen

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contemporary kitchen design build remodeling in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, 07750 (9)When you have an amazing new kitchen, chances are you never want to miss an opportunity to cook a meal. Who doesn’t want to spend time in a newly remodeled kitchen? Aside from breakfast, lunch and dinner add brunch into your cooking routine. Here are a few healthy brunch ideas to make in your beautiful new kitchen. Continue reading

Celebrating the First Meal in a New Kitchen

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Kitchen Remodel and Renconfiguration in Warren NJ (2b)-Design Build PlannersAfter all the work is done, there is nothing that you want to do more than enjoy a great meal cooked in your new kitchen. Chances are your meals have consisted of fast food, frozen meals and several restaurant visits during the duration of the remodel. At this point nothing will satisfy your taste buds more than a home cooked meal. The first meal in your new kitchen should be a celebration. Since celebration is in order the meal should be something truly special. Here are two first meal main courses to consider. Continue reading

Spice Up Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen

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http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-spice-rack-image15598481Have a spice rack? No? Well get one! A spice rack is your most prized possession as the chef of your newly remodeled kitchen. Don’t get caught up with frustrating spice shelves crowded with hard-to-see containers that keep falling over every time you go in for a new spice; instead try a spice rack that spins, so you can easily see all the spices available to you at once. Here are some of the most common spices that should be in every kitchen as well as a few spices that you may not know of, but you’ll be glad that you have to use. Continue reading

First Dinner in Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen

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kitchen design build remodeling in New Jersey (7)Your brand-new kitchen is the perfect setting to take charge and cook a meal of your dreams. With stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and an efficient exhaust hood, cooking can just become a pleasure. But what should your first meal for dinner be? How about something unique and creative that will have your family and guests wondering how you do just what you do? Here are some tips for cooking your first meal for dinner that will help you to cook many delicious meals in the future. Continue reading

NJ Kitchen Remodeling Questions and Answers

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kitchen remodeling in Monmouth County, NJIn this article, we will outline 7 New Jersey kitchen remodeling questions that we get on a regular basis. The thought of remodeling your kitchen can be both exciting and scary. On one hand, by the time you’re done, you’ll have a brand new kitchen to cook in and maybe even have lunch or drinks in if you install a snack bar. On the other hand, there are a whole lot of variables to consider which can be stressful.

Just trying to find a suitable kitchen remodeling contractor in NJ can be a chore, and that’s before you even get the chance to ask them all the important remodeling questions. We are going to go over some of the most commonly asked questions people usually have when looking for a local kitchen renovation contractor, to help you make a more informed decision.

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