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Glamping – Luxury Camping

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What immediately comes to your mind if you hear that someone is about to embark on a camping trip? Most people will conjure up images of small tents, lanterns, campfires with marshmallows, and limited amenities.

However, a new trend that is surging in popularity is "glamping". This term is used to describe a luxurious camping experience. It features the same escape from the modern hustle and bustle component, however with an eye towards a luxurious hotel esque experience.


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Benefits of a Storm Door

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Benefits of a Storm Door storm door - Design Build Planners (1)Storm doors are a great thing to have in areas that experience a high number of storms or other natural disaster issues. Storm doors can provide protection for the home and are typically installed in place of a screen door to protect the entry door that leads in to the home. Storm doors are fairly cheap as far as installation goes and can be extremely efficient and serve a few purposes. There are a few main benefits of having a storm door that might have you considering purchasing your own. Continue reading