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The History of the Microwave Oven

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The History of the Microwave Oven

Using microwave ovenIt is common to see a counter top microwave oven in nearly every house you enter. The microwave oven was actually an accident. Yes, it was accidentally invented by a man by the name of Percy Spencer. In 1933, Westinghouse demonstrated cooking sandwiches with one of the first microwave ovens. This demonstration took place at the Chicago World’s Fair. It was invented during the Second World War It wasn’t until 1946 that the first microwave oven was sold.

The first microwave was used for commercial purposes in 1945. It was placed in a Boston restaurant. They put the microwave in the restaurant for testing purposes.

The first microwave ovens were too big for use in homes. In 1955, the first patent was licensed for the microwave oven. The patent was owned by Tappan. Tappan’s microwave oven still wasn’t small enough for use in a home. It wasn’t until 1967 that the first countertop microwave oven was introduced.

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