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Media Rooms and Home Theaters

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Media rooms and home theaters are highly desirable projects for families in their home. Often located in a basement, they can be built in almost any space. Key elements include television or projector, comfortable seating with optimum viewing, sound systems and noise control, plus task and accent lighting. Below are several photos of various media rooms and home theaters in basement projects produced by Design Build Pros Network Remodelers. Continue reading

How to Connect Your Smart TV to the Internet

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How to Connect Your Smart TV to the Internet Smart tv with apps and hand holding remote controlTechnology has been advancing at a very fast pace recently and this has brought many new innovative opportunities for the consumers to improve their living standards. This improvement in living standard has also revolutionized the TV viewing experience. Smart TVs are basically Internet TVs that are connected to a home wireless network. The things that are required to connect to Internet can be found at several retail stores and following are some of the factors that you might want to consider in order to enhance your experience. Continue reading

Preparing a Super Bowl Party in Your Home

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PREPARING A SUPER BOWL PARTY IN YOUR HOME Super Bowl Party FoodIt is important to consider some basic factors in preparing your home for a big Super Bowl party. The Super Bowl is essentially a holiday, so why not have a party for it like you would any other holiday? Below are a few tips so that you can make the party memorable for your guests. The size of the space will determine the number of guests you can invite for the party. If you intend hosting the party in your living room, you should consider how many guests it can take. All of your planning is revolved around how many guests there will be. Continue reading

Home Theater or Media Room for Your Home

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Home Theater (1)Indulging in building a home theater or media room for your home is a luxury that many desire. A home theater or media room for your home is a place we head to for putting our feet up and simply having a good time, without having to step out from the comfort of the house. It is a place we invite our friends over for a lazy summer afternoon with popcorn and drinks. Thus, there is no surprise then that more and more people are now remodeling any spare room in their residence for a home theater. And the ones who already have are looking to upgrade the old technology and equipment to keep the space in absolute top shape at all times. Basement space is a common location for a planned home theater. Continue reading

Media Rooms and TV Viewing

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Most households have a room where the main activity is watching TV. We're well past the era when all you needed was an outlet and a pair of rabbit ears — now, DVD players, game consoles, cable and satellites, computer networks and stereo systems all can communicate with your television. It makes sense to try to be prepared for new devices and methods of communication that will become commonplace in the future. Continue reading

Free Live Webinar for Homeowners and Remodelers

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The staff at Design Build Pros will be hosting a free, live webinar on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. From the convenience of your own computer and internet you can view their unique “Remodeling Design and Development Process.” For scheduling convenience, there will be two separate sessions, both covering the same content. The first session will begin at 1:00 PM EDT and the second at 7:00 PM EDT. The webinar will last approximately 90 minutes, including a question and answer session at the end. This free webinar’s objective is to illustrate the Design Build Pros approach to residential remodeling project design and development. Tips and strategies that pave the way for a pleasant remodeling experience will be offered for both homeowners and remodelers. Continue reading