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Casement Windows for Style and Function

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In my opinion, casement windows typically do not get the credit and recognition they deserve. Let’s look at some of the advantages casement windows offer compared to a comparable sized double hung (two sashes that slide up and down in two separate tracks).

In one frame, a casement window has a single sash therefore, with no offset sashes, it has a clean, smooth look. The screen fastens on the inside, so the exterior, curb-appeal view is of glass, not screen. When a casement opens, it does so on a hinge and pivots slightly toward the center allowing for air flow from either side. Plus, it will catch air blowing across the face of a home and direct it inside creating a breeze. Another casement bonus feature, is added security. Since one full sashes closes into one frame, there are no weak points to access the locking mechanism short of breaking the glass. Continue reading