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Mirror Backsplash for Wet Bar or Kitchen

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Mirrored backsplashes were extremely popular in the 1980s. However, as we know, styles run in cycles and this style is making a big comeback! Due to the fact that the mirror treatments have advanced significantly, a mirror backsplash can add a “light and bright” quality to a wet bar area or kitchen.

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Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

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Stainless steel appliances can be an extremely aesthetic part of any kitchen. Their shining appearance can really pull together an entire kitchen. But how do you keep them sparkling like new? While most people prefer the style to black or white appliance, stainless steel is commonly known for attracting fingerprints and other various streaks. Read below to find tips on how to keep your stainless steel appliances looking brand new!


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Sunday Family Dinner Tradition

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Before starting their design work for kitchen remodeling projects, the Design Build Planners team has their clients fill out “profile checklists”. The lists give the DBP team insight into how a client plans on using the space as a family unit. One thing that has been decreasing in recent years in the desire for a family dining area.

Most families are operating on very different schedules and finding an agreeable time for a sit down meal is often a difficult task. However is it an endeavor that requires more effort?


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DBP Reviews Kitchen Design Plans

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Homeowner: Good Morning DBP. Hope all is well.  I was wondering if you can guide me.  We are doing our kitchen over and I’m just confused as to where to place the island.  Two kitchen people say one way one says the other.  If I sent you my floor plan and a picture of the two designs can you give me your honest opinion.  I’m so nervous to make the wrong decision as it’s a lot of money.  
DBP: Yes, send us floor plan and pix. We will be glad to offer suggestions and advice!
Homeowner: Hi DBP Team, I totally appreciate you taking a quick look for me.  Below is my floor plan as well as pictures of my current kitchen.  I am confused whether I should go with the Island facing the family room or facing the kitchen table area.  It’s an odd layout.  I really wanted an updated look and most contractors or telling me to go with an rectangular island.  I currently have a U-shape very small.  So, I have three plans. Island facing living room, island facing kitchen table area or L shape.  Can you please give me your honest opinion.


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Choosing a Counter Depth Refrigerator

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How to choose the best counter depth refrigerator?

This question was asked to Jason Parsons, DBP’s Chief Designer, by an online magazine. Here is his answer:

Because of their size and frequency of use, refrigerators are generally a focal point in the kitchen. If you have decided on a counter depth unit, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best model for you. First, most people do not realize that only the body of the refrigerator is counter depth. Doors and handles extend beyond the counter. In addition, the hinges are designed to have the doors open outside of the refrigerator width. You need to ensure that there is enough clearance to open the doors a minimum of 90° from the refrigerator not only to access your food, but to remove all drawers for regular cleaning. This will require anywhere from 3” – 6” on each side of the unit. Be sure to choose one that will work with the space that you have.

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Exposed Beams in Remodeling Projects

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Exposed ceiling beams are sometimes requested in remodeling projects to create an industrial look. It is more common in basements where covering the ceiling evenly can be problematic because of ducts and pipes. However, homeowners are now requesting for the main living space and kitchens as well. It can be done as raw or stained wood, painted white or black.

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Virginia Kitchen Remodel by Leo Lantz Construction

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Virginia Remodeling Project by Leo Lantz Construction

Leo Lantz Construction, located in Glen Allen, Virginia is a Design Build Planners Preferred Remodeler. This project was a kitchen remodel in North Chesterfield, Virginia.

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Cleaning Burnt on Food from Your Pots and Pans

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Everyone does cooking in their kitchen; unfortunately everyone is not a gourmet chef! Having the heat on too high or leaving food on too long can result in some of your food getting burnt on to your pots and pans. While cleaning the burnt on food may seems like a daunting task, below you will find some effective tips for tackling the challenge!

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Neil’s Simple, Lazy, Chicken Soup Recipe

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Chicken soup will never go out of style. Chicken soup serves as an amazing “get well” component when under the weather. However, it can also be a simple and effective meal option. It is a staple of Neil Parsons‘ weekly food regimen in the Fall and Winter months. Chicken soup is healthy, yet satiating and tasty–perfect for those watching their food choices!

Below are the ingredients and recipe directions for Neil’s Simple, Lazy, Chicken Soup.

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