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Kitchen Cabinet Wood Species

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Understanding Wood Species for Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Wood Species (1)-Design Build PlannersWhen it comes to building a new home, there are many factors that you must consider before getting started. For example, you must finalize a location of your home and get the proper documentation and permission to start building. You must know your floor plan, the number of rooms and bathrooms, the floor and ceiling types, and what your kitchen will look like. And on the terms of kitchen features, you must also decide what type of wood to use for your cabinets. There is so many to choose from, like cherry cabinets, mahogany cabinets, maple cabinets, hickory cabinets, and oak cabinets. But, which do you choose? Keep reading for more information on the different wood species for cabinets.

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Pricing Guide for Your Next Monmouth County Kitchen Remodel

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Monmouth County Kitchen RemodelPrice is the biggest concern for most people when it comes to just about everything, and your kitchen renovation is no different. Who wants to pay more than they need to, for anything, ever? Of course, there’s that old saying that “you get what you pay for”, so in our opinion, simply going for the cheapest option is rarely a good idea.  Since we get this question often, we decided to put together this guide to help you budget for your next kitchen renovation or expansion.  At the end of this consumer awareness guide, we will provide a link to our estimated costs for standard and upscale kitchen remodeling projects.

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Trends From a Kitchen Designer

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We had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss cabinetry design and trends with Kathleen Abrams, a Kitchen Designer with Direct Cabinet Sales. Direct Cabinet Sales has locations throughout NJ and in Boca Raton, Florida. Direct is one of our Preferred Trade Partners, and Kathleen has helped a number of our clients finalize their cabinet plans with great success.

DBPlanners: What are some items that have recently become popular to include in a kitchen design?
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Different Island Shapes for Kitchen Designs and Remodeling

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When speaking with homeowners about a kitchen remodel, an island is high on their wish list for their new space. Aside from added storage and counter space, an island can contribute to the function of a kitchen in many other ways. It can be a space to have a quick bite to eat, for a someone to sit while you prepare for a gathering, to direct people to other areas of your home (and away from the cooking area), and to simply stage food for your party. Aesthetically, it can conceal your cooking or prep areas from the dinner table or family room as well as add accent materials and colors for your cabinets and counter top. Continue reading