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Alternative Kitchen Backsplash Material Options

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Kitchen Remodel In Bridgewater New Jersey (14)Handling of backsplashes in any kitchen is something that calls for serious consideration both in terms of its functionality and where it is positioned plus the materials required or available for use in making this essential part of the kitchen. By definition, backsplash refers to the vertical panel that is erected behind a sink or on the countertop to provide a layer protecting the wall against spillage or splashes. Continue reading

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas in NJ

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kitchen backsplash design ideas in NJWhen making product selections for a kitchen design build remodeling project we often use the “wardrobe” method. We view the kitchen cabinets as a man’s suit, as it is the most visible and largest area of the kitchen. So the cabinet style and color finish are the first and most important design selection. The next selection is the shirt, or the countertop. There are many countertop materials and design options from mild to wild. Finally, we select the tie. The tie, or backsplash as related to kitchen design ideas, is the small, yet vital accent. It can add life and excitement to a basic, neutral cabinet and countertop. Selections can include stone, glass, metal, solid granite plus mixtures of any materials or as accents. Continue reading

Kitchen Backsplashes and Design

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Tile backsplashes can make or break a kitchen space. Is this why the thought of creating one is stressful to many homeowners? What material type to use – stone, metal, glass…etc. What patterns or mural?  Don’t let it be overwhelming .

Try looking at a kitchen design like a man’s outfit. The cabinets are the suit – the largest area and the first decision to be made. The countertop is like the shirt. A complement to the suit and can either be subtle or bold. Finally, the tbacksplash is like the tie – the smaller area, but a reflection of personality. Either to blend in or make a statement. A compliment or a focal point. Continue reading