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Wet Bar Options For Your Home

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NJ wet bar - Design Build Planners (1)Wet Bar Options For Your Home

Are you considering installing a wet bar in your remodeling project? It is really a great idea whether you entertain regularly or it is just for your family get togethers. Some people think that it is better to install just a dry bar with a small fridge in order to save money on the plumbing and the fixtures. Just think about how much time and frustration a wet bar is going to save you, though. When it comes to dishes, getting a drink of water, or cleaning up a quick mess, it just makes sense to have a sink with your bar.

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Game Room Accessories

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Game Room Accessories

Game Room Accessories (3)-Design Build PlannersGame rooms are the best room in the entire house, hands down. You can literally put anything that you want in there. The game room is where your personality shines the most; make the best of it. The possibilities for a game room are endless. Besides the big games, such as a pool table or air hockey table, it is important to have accessories. Accessories include things like popcorn machines, Beverage Centers, or Kegerators. Accessories play a big role in tying your game room together, it is important choosing the right ones. Continue reading

What is a Kegerator?

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What Is A Kegerator?

What is a Kegerator (1)-Design Build PlannersThere is nothing better than enjoying an ice cold beer on a hot summer day or simply after a long day at work. However, sometimes the beer is not as cold, or as good, as it is supposed to be. There is only one solution to this problem, a kegerator! A kegerator is solely for the use of dispensing beer. In other words, it is basically a beer dispensing refrigerator. You will never have to worry about whether your beer is going to be cold enough or good enough again.

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