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Jenn-Air Refrigerator with Obsidian Black Interior

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Jenn Air Obsidian Fridge-Design Build PlannersJenn-Air Refrigerator with Obsidian Black Interior

The new Jenn-Air refrigerator with Obsidian black interior is the new luxury kitchen design that will transform the way you keep your food fresh and the way your kitchen looks. In the new Jenn-Air built in refrigerators, you now have the option to complete it with a beautiful Obsidian black interior. Your food will be illuminated with LED lights, making it look both appetizing and dramatic every time you open the door. The refrigerator not only keeps food looking amazing, but tasting great as well. It automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity to create an optimal environment for your edibles, making sure they stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible. This is enabled by the TwinFresh climate controls, which allows you to create two unique climate settings within your fridge. No longer do you have to worry about one piece of produce being too cool while another one is too warm.

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NJ Kitchen Remodeling with Thermador Appliances

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NJ kitchen remodeling with Thermador appliances - Design Build PlannersThere are dozens of decisions to be made when planning a NJ kitchen remodeling project. One that is unavoidable, and has greater importance than some think, is the appliance selections. The first consideration is whether or not to keep and reuse some or all of your existing kitchen appliances. Next, will the appliances be in the same location? Changing kitchen appliance locations, even if you are reusing the existing, will affect the electrical and plumbing costs. New appliances, which will vary in size and style, will affect the the kitchen cabinet sizing and spacing. Continue reading