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Design Build Planners Video Profile on Houzz

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Neil Parsons and Allison Tom for Houzz video interview (1)In November, 2015 the staff at Houzz invited Neil Parsons to do a video interview in New York to illustrate the unique project design process and the acclaimed success of Design Build Planners.  Below is the 60 second Houzz video.

The experience was fun and rewarding. It will also serve as a platform for the Design Build Planners system to expand into other territories and markets. DBP offers homeowners a project design and budget service up front to well prepare them to have their project built by a third party. The process paves the way for a professional and pleasant remodeling experience for all involved. Continue reading

Rhonda Burgin of Burgin Construction

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Brad and Rhonda Burgin ConstructionDesign Build Planners recently interviewed Rhonda Burgin of Burgin Construction. Rhonda and her company are very active on social media. DBP is a faithful follower and enjoys their recipes, history facts, and of course their great project photos.

Q: What is your favorite show on HGTV?
A: Flip or Flop  Continue reading

Free Remodeling Project Design Ideas

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bathroom design build remodeling in Randolph, Morris county, NJ 07869 (4)Many homeowners planning a remodeling project watch HGTV, flip through magazines, and browse through the Houzz website for inspirations and ideas. With that, they still often struggle to come up with design ideas for their own remodeling project. This is primarily due to the fact that their own home, size and positioning is not similar to those images and projects featured in those media. Continue reading

Hall Bathroom Price for NJ Remodeling

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Berkeley Heights, NJ bathroom remodeling - Design Build PlannersRemodeling prices have the consistency of the weather . Meaning that “estimates” will vary with a range of highs and lows. A friend of mine on Facebook recently received quotes for a small home service. The three estimates were $4,000, $975, and $450. My comment was that the guy at $4,000 was probably sub-contracting to the $975 who in turn was hiring the $450 guy to actually do the work. While I added an “LOL” at the end, this scenario of wide range of remodeling prices is generally a result of companies quoting on different work and then not explaining where the differences in materials, labor, and overall customer service may be. Continue reading

Decision To Patch or Replace Drywall in Home Remodeling

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The planning and budgeting phase of any remodeling project is over loaded with decisions to be made. These decisions are mostly the design elements and product selections. However, remodeling, unlike building a new home, almost always involves patching and renovating to an existing area. Ideally, the remodeled and unaltered areas will meet at the transition from one room to another at a door or doorway.
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Botched Remodeling Projects, Who is to Blame?

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Unfortunately, in these past few years of poor economic times, we have seen and heard of increased numbers of botched projects and poor remodeling experiences. Whether the shoddy workmanship comes from an unqualified contractor or an inexperienced homeowner, a.k.a. Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY), upon further inspection we discover that frequently the problem begins well before the work actually starts.
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