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New “Cooler” Roofing Material

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New "Cooler" Roofing Material New Cooler Roofing Material Option (1)-Design Build PlannersThe remodeling industry may have just uncovered a game changer . Researchers from the Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney have created a roofing material that can stay cooler than the ambient air temperature. This new "cooler roofing material stood the test even at the peak temperatures of the Australian summer. Continue reading

What is a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

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What is a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner? Ductless mini split heat and AC - Design Build PlannersWhen you own a home, you may find that in the summer, it can be pretty difficult to keep things cool. Many people depend on using an air conditioning unit to keep things comfortable but air conditioners can be big and bulky and can look rather unsightly in your home. They also require ducts placed in your window or through a wall and that can be even worse, but fortunately there is a better way to cool your home with an air conditioner and it won't look ugly. There are ductless mini-split air conditioners available, and while they are a bit pricey, they are worth every penny. Continue reading