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Green Onyx for Tile and Countertops

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Green Onyx for Tile and Countertops

green onyx for tile and countertops - Design Build Planners (1)Onyx is a beautiful stone that most people associate with jewelry, however, when managed correctly it can be used for tile and countertops. Onyx is a great alternative to other types of materials that are usually used in bathroom remodeling. Typically onyx is not seen on countertops and this is a bit of a rarity for those who actually have used this beautiful material to showcase their home. Some are a bit mistaken in thinking that onyx only comes in one shade—black. Naturally, that’s the color were used to seeing, however, onyx comes in a beautiful assortment of different colors.

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Tile and Glass Doors for a Steam Shower

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While the look and style are always a major concern, there is much more that needs to be considered when designing a steam shower. The tile, grout, and adhesive must be able to withstand more moisture and higher temperatures than a typical shower. A bench seat should be positioned for comfort and safety. The steam head should not be directly facing where a person’s legs would be placed. The glass shower door should go to the ceiling to maximize the effects and efficiency of the steam unit, but then must have an easy access vent hatch built in. Continue reading