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Dinner Party Celebrating a Kitchen Remodel in Morris County, NJ

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Party for kitchen remodel in Morris County New Jersey - Design Build Planners (1)Whenever you install something new you should always test it to see that it works properly. The same is true for a new kitchen. This newly remodeled kitchen in Rockaway, New Jersey was definitely put to the test; a taste test! The project’s remodeler, ProSkill Construction of the DBP Network, arranged the post-production celebration. The dinner party was hosted by Donna Davis of Bottles, Bubbles, and Blondes. The evening featured a personal chef and paired wines from around the world. Continue reading

Tips For Enjoying Red Wine

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If you are new to the world of wine drinking, here are a few guidelines that will help you enjoy your red wine:

Knowing Your Red Wines: Red wines are most simply differentiated by what is known as their ‘body’ type. Light-bodied red wines offer a less intense taste that does not last as long on the pallet and full-bodied red wines supply a much heavier taste that lingers on in the mouth. There are also several versions of medium-bodied red wines that fall somewhere in between. Continue reading