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Gothic Revival Style Home

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Architecture: Gothic Revival Style Home

Gothic revivial style home ~ Design Build PlannersGothic Revival Style Homes became famous in America in the early 1800’s and stayed popular up to the late 1800’s. These houses are easy to spot. They have features that are unique to only that type of home. This style of home can be found in several countries throughout the world. This style of home was designed similar to the castles you would find in the medieval times. These homes are usually found in the rural regions of the countries. Many people are preserving these homes, but they are having to use different materials. They are using modern materials to build new Gothic Revival Style homes and maintain the older ones since the materials are no longer as accessible as they were at that point in time. Most homes that were this style were built in the Northeast when they were introduced to America. This style of home has other names such as Jigsaw Gothic, Victorian Gothic, and Neo-Gothic.

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