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Short Perennials for Your Landscape

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Short Perennials for Your Landscape

perennials for landscaping ~ Design Build PlannersShort perennials are a blessing to any landscaper: they help cover areas where you’d be left with nothing but plain grass otherwise; places that are too small to plant anything else, typically along borders or walkways. Any bed of prized roses can benefit from the accents brought by small perennials surrounding it, without taking away any of its majestic beauty.

When they hear about perennials, most people think about lilies and lavender, and that’s about everything, so here are more options to spice up your landscape.

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When To Water Container Plants

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watering container plants ~ Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (1)If you’ve been raising container plants for a long time, like we have at Organic Gurlz Gardens, they become comfortable old friends, and it becomes easy to read their needs.  But newer plants, especially varieties with which we are not familiar, present more challenge.  And, as we’ve learned time and again, even old friends change.  Despite our best efforts and vigilance, a plant ceases to thrive, and may even fail.  Insufficient and excessive watering are the most common reasons a plant might fail despite what seems ideal conditions and care. Continue reading

Raised Bed Gardening

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Raised Bed Garden - Organic Garden GurlzRaised bed gardening is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in yards with smaller spaces, and for people with limited mobility or back issues. Container gardening may take a little more time to get started, but it is in many ways easier gardening. As I get a little older myself, I’m becoming a big believer in the adage, “work smarter, not harder.” When you plan your new garden, think about the following considerations: ease of use, depth of soil, drainage and nutrients. Ask yourself, “How far are you willing to, or comfortably able to bend over?” A garden which is difficult, or painful, to maintain sometimes becomes a neglected garden.  Continue reading

Fall Landscaping for Your NJ Home

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Fall Landscaping for Your NJ Home

Landscaping for Your NJ Home (7)With fall comes a furry of home improvement activity for all home owners who take great pride in their homes. This includes their landscapes. Fall is ideal for outdoor home improvement projects. From creating a new patio, to setting up a new raised veggie garden for spring planting, there’s no limit to what you should do this fall in the landscape. Here are some ideas you can do this fall for your New Jersey fall landscaping project. Continue reading