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What is a Beverage Center?

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What Is A Beverage Center?

What is a Beverage Center (1)-Design Build PlannersWe all know how hard it can be to find a place in the refrigerator for drinks with all of the other groceries that are already in there. At times it can even be impossible to find room for them and they end up getting piled onto the countertops. However, with a beverage center, you will never face those problems again. A beverage center is basically a small refrigerator that is optimized for the storage of drinks. A beverage center can hold any type of drink, whether it is in a bottle or a can. The compact size also allows for it to easily fit into any room in your house, not just the kitchen.

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Game Room Accessories

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Game Room Accessories

Game Room Accessories (3)-Design Build PlannersGame rooms are the best room in the entire house, hands down. You can literally put anything that you want in there. The game room is where your personality shines the most; make the best of it. The possibilities for a game room are endless. Besides the big games, such as a pool table or air hockey table, it is important to have accessories. Accessories include things like popcorn machines, Beverage Centers, or Kegerators. Accessories play a big role in tying your game room together, it is important choosing the right ones. Continue reading

Game Room for Your Family

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Game Room for your Home (7)People live fast paced lives filled with stress. Thus, people are looking for ways to remedy that stress. The home has not lost its traditional function yet – this is the place where people rest and relax. A home remodeling trend that is fast increasing in popularity is adding a game room.

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Game Rooms, Pool Tables and Room Sizes

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Homeowner requests for game rooms in newly built space and existing room remodeling is on the rise again. Game rooms can be the center of many potential activities: poker, darts, video games…etc. The most desired item is a pool table. An important early consideration should be table size and adequate room size. A “regulation” pool table is 4.5′ wide and 9′ long. Many styles are available, typically in six inch increments, and a smaller, but common size is 3.5′ by 7′.

Here is a pool table view in a Monmouth County, New Jersey basement renovation project completed by Mark of Excellence Remodeling.
For calculating a comfortable room size for a particular pool table know that a standard cue is approximately 58″ long. Double that length and add to the width and length of the table to determine an ideal room to table scenario. Therefore, the standard 4.5′ x 9′ pool table should be in a room that is at least 14’1″ x 18’6″. The smaller 3.5′ x 7′ table could be placed in 13’1″ x 16’1″ room. Continue reading