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Two Island Kitchen for The Cooking Enthusiast

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Compromise is a natural part of home design — particularly in kitchens. Whether due to budget, space or storage limitations, kitchens can be challenging. Of course, the compromises pile up even higher when you’re sharing your kitchen with someone else. Running into each other at the stove, sink and countertop seems inevitable, no matter how big your kitchen is. Is argument-free cooking actually possible? Continue reading

Fireplaces Look Great In Any Room

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Traditionally, fireplaces were a necessity. They were utilitarian, used to warm the home and to cook. Fireplaces today are highly sought after, not because we need them to warm our homes, but rather because they symbolize luxury.

Who doesn’t love to sit in front of the fireplace and stare at the crackling flames? We have come to expect fireplaces in a home’s living room, but fireplaces can add a touch of the unexpected to pretty much any room in the house. Check out these examples of fun places to find a fireplace. Continue reading

Take Your Child to Work Day–Remodeling Field Trip!

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Monday, 4/23/12, at about 5:30 PM Connor, my oldest son, asks me to take him to work with him for “Take Your Child to Work Day”. “Sure”, I tell him, “What day is it?” “Thursday”, is his reply. THURSDAY? How am I going to possibly make Thursday work? “Sure Connor, I’ll take you.” “OK, but are we going to sit in front of you computer all day? That’s kind of boring.” That, coming from the kid who could glue himself to a DS, but the thought of watching me design makes school look like the better option.
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