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Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

farmer style apron sink ~ Design Build Planners (1)If you’re doing a bit of remodeling, why not think about using a farmhouse sink for your kitchen? It’s the kind of question you should be asking yourself in the early stages of the remodeling, when you’re just planning things out, because the farmhouse sink requires a few adjustments – but it’s definitely worth the effort.

To begin with, it’s bigger than most regular sinks, which means you may have to order custom-made cabinets for proper fitting. Keep in mind that the sink is meant to be slightly longer than the surfaces around it – so as to make sure any dripping water goes on the floor, not on any wooden surface. Also, it’s meant to be slightly lower than the counters, to make it easier to wipe out any crumbs directly in the sink. If you don’t want that, you can find a model that’s just as tall and just as wide as the counters surrounding it.

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