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Pricing Variables in Home Addition Projects

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Remodeling estimates or quotes are often highly variable from remodeler to remodeler. As you can see in this post, square footage pricing is a poor barometer to judge by. It’s important to know exactly what is being quoted and why projects in different areas can come in at different price points. Read below to find out what DBP said in response to the question:

“Rough estimate for a 1 story extensions on a slab that is 18×14. Possibly 9-10’ ceilings.”

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Square Foot Pricing for Home Remodeling

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Recently, the Design Build Planners have engaged in discussions with both remodeling professionals and homeowners regarding pricing projects by the “square foot.” Over the years many have asked “How much do you charge per square foot?” In remodeling, this is typically asked about home additions. Homeowners believe that the answer creates a platform to compare remodelers and their estimates. However, this general question would be like asking a automobile dealership, “How much is a car per pound?”
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