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Doorbell System for Your Home

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Many are familiar with the popular doorbell system; Ring. These are wireless doorbell systems capable of reaching speakers located within the home. With strategically placed speakers, there is no way to have not have heard the doorbell ring.

Furthermore, many doorbell systems are now coming equipped with cameras. This allows you to see exactly who is at your door. They also store footage so you can be on the look out for any potential theft.

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Drone Photography and Video for Real Estate Listings

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On this post, we discussed how drones photography can be helpful in the roofing industry. But drones are also very helpful with real estate! With drone photography and video, realtors and potential buyers are able to see a panoramic view of the outside of the home.

Regular photos taken from the ground level do not always give the best depiction of the area. DBP owner and Weichert real estate agent Jacki Venezio is a strong proponent of the application of drones in listings. You can find a quote from here below.

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Drone Photography and Video for Roof Inspections in NJ

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The following is a quote from trusted DBP remodeler, John Hogan of Blue Nail Exteriors.

I like drones because they are safe, efficient, and fun to use! Homeowners should not allow anyone on their roof without a contract in place and their certificate of insurance. Without a contract, they are responsible for any injuries that may occur to the estimator while on the roof.

For your next project, consider the use of drones for photography and video for roof inspections.

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Custom Pool Building

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Custom Pool Building Custom pool building ~ Design Build Planners (1)If you’ve ever envied your neighbors’ pool and you’re thinking about investing in your own, start your research months ahead of the actual construction day. For custom pool building, nothing is more important than proper planning. This will be one of biggest additions to your house; it will impact how the exterior looks, and how your family passes the free time. Also, it will add up some costs to your regular budget, for cleaning and regular maintenance, so it’s vital to make sure you don’t bite more than you can chew. Continue reading

Backyard Fire Pit Options

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firepit for patio and outdoor living space - Design Build PlannersBackyard Fire Pit Options The first thing you would need to do when going for an outdoor fire pit is to select the perfect location where you want to install it. When choosing a location to place your pit, you should mainly consider how safe the location is since even a small spark can sometimes cause problems. As another option, a gas fire pit can help provide warmth while complementing your landscape perfectly. Continue reading

Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Siding Options?

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Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Vinyl Siding? Hardi Plank - Design Build Planners Remodeler Network (2)Recently, Tess Wittler wrote an article for Professional Remodeler Magazine examining the decline of vinyl siding. According to the article, "Vinyl siding has lost traction in the exterior cladding market every year since 2007. While vinyl siding is still the top choice across the U.S. and Canada, its market share fell from 39 percent in 2003 to 27 percent by 2013." While vinyl siding is the first thing to pops into your head when considering an exterior remodel, the fast emerging option is Hardi-Plank cement fiber. Including installation, vinyl siding is approximately $100 less per square foot. So how do Neil Parsons and the Design Build Planners accommodate the desire to move away from vinyl, but still be cognizant of the budget? Continue reading

Power Washing Your Home’s Exterior

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Power Washing Your Home’s Exterior Power Washing Your Exterior (1)-Design Build PlannersImagine you are sitting on your front porch and you notice that although the inside of your home is sparkling clean, the outside of your home needs a bit of work. As a matter of fact, your home is in desperate need of a power wash and you need to clean the dirty situation handled before you guests arrive for the event-filled weekend. Here is some information you could use on power washing the outside of your home. Continue reading

Garage Door Styles and Options

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Garage Door Styles and Options New Jersey home additions and exterior remodeling from the Design Build Planners contractor network (5)Your garage is a focal point in your home mostly because it is on the front part of the building; this means that most of your visitors will get to see your garage. It is thus important to put a touch of style and elegance to your garage door to make it appealing and attractive. The right garage door no matter how expensive will pay you back 84% of your investment according to studies. Continue reading