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Remodeling Project Protection

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Remodeling Project Protection Zip Wall dust protection - Design Build PlannersImagine thinking the following scenario… “Once again we were ready to do some remodeling. Our home had some much needed renovation work which we were about to tackle. But - - I remembered the last time when we were working on installing the kitchen cabinets. What a conglomeration of dirt, saw dust and confusion that was. How on earth were we going to avoid a repeat performance of that scenario?” Continue reading

Dust Protection During Your Remodeling Project

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Dust Protection During Your Remodeling Project Dust Protection for Your Remodeling Project (5)-Design Build PlannersWhat is one factor that's often overlooked by homeowners embarking on a remodeling project? Dust protection! One of the last things you want is to have dust particles floating all around your home. If precautions aren't taken by a remodeling company, there's a good chance this could happen during you remodeling project. Continue reading

6 Things a Contractor and Homeowner Should Discuss BEFORE a Remodeling Project, But Rarely Do

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Major home remodeling is in full swing.  Home values are on the rise, interest rates remain low, and lending institutions have several options to make your dream project a reality.  When choosing a remodeler to build your dream, you will discuss many aspects about the project and the company.  However, the items that are seldom discussed can be the most important, affecting not only your remodeling experience, but the outcome of the project.  Here is a small list that should be openly discussed. Continue reading