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A $3,000 Bathroom Remodel

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DISCLAIMER: This article, nor I, have the answer to what A $3,000 Bathroom Remodel is or exactly would include. Read my rant below to understand the basis for this article’s title.

Award winning NJ bathroom remodel - Design Build PlannersA homeowner can choose to have almost any budget, high or low for a project. The question is then, “What do you get for that particular budget?” The factors are many, such as DIY (do it yourself) or hire a professional. Check out our informative article about Who Will Build Your Remodeling Project. The extent of the work scope is also a major factor. For instance, in a bathroom remodel the project may call for a complete demolition and gut of the walls and floor. Doing this allows for checking the in-wall plumbing connections and electrical wiring then updating as needed. Plus, any rotted wood or mold can be addressed. New insulation and fresh, moisture resistant drywall and cement board can be installed. Some may opt to forgo these steps and tasks and simply do a bathroom makeover where the fixtures and tile are replaced and the wall components listed prior remain. Continue reading

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

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ceiling fans in remodeling projects - Design Build Planners (1)How to Install a Ceiling Fan

It has always been the affordable option to install a ceiling fan as a home-cooling system. The following steps will show you how to replace an old light fixture with a ceiling fan and light in a room without an attic above. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to run a new wire; the fan connects to the existing cable of the old light.

It is important to note that electrical boxes used for ceiling lights are not as strong as those used for ceiling fans. Replace the existing electrical box with one designed to support ceiling fans.

NOTE: You may consider consulting with and/or hiring a licensed electrician for this task, especially if you are insure of something or existing house conditions are not typical and straight forward.

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How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

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kitchen and bathroom faucets - Design Build Planners (7)How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Having a leaky faucet can be really annoying, especially at night when all you hear is the continuous and monotonous song of water dripping out of your taps. It also leads to higher water rates, which can also be quite bothersome come month end. It is then better to just get rid of that constant drip-drip-dripping…you can do it yourself by following a few easy steps. Continue reading

River Rock Pebbles for Your Shower

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River Rock Pebbles for Your Shower

river rock pebble shower floor ~ Design Build Planners (1)If your browse the Internet for just a few minutes, you can find some absolutely stunning bathroom designs that use river rock pebbles. They’re a great way to emphasize the connection to nature, they can be used in connection with rustic, as well as modern designs, and they’re soft and friendly on the feet.

So, when redesigning your bathroom, you could do no better than using river rock pebbles for your shower. You can use the same tiles on the walls too, or at least on one of them. Before you get carried away, take a few moments to think and picture the room – since this will typically be a rather small space, adding too many shapes and colors may turn out to be just too much, and you’ll be better off with simpler walls in a solid color.

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Chair Rail Molding and Two Tone Paint

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Chair Rail ~ Design Build PlannersChair Rail Molding and Two Tone Paint

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your house a new look is to grab a paint brush and begin painting. A new coat of paint can do wonders for a drab room that needs a boost. Another great idea is to add chair rail molding. Both of these techniques use inexpensive materials to makeover a room, and don’t require an excess of effort.

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Household Uses for WD-40

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Household Uses for WD-40

household uses for WD-40 - Design Build PlannersYou would be surprised if you knew the thousands of things this can of secret ingredients can accomplish (even the official website does not reveal the ingredients in the can, the website only guarantees that it does not contain CFCs, kerosene, silicone, graphite, or water). Since it is petroleum based, it is inflammable, so that is one factor you need to keep in mind. It is best to use WD-40 only in well-ventilated areas so as to avoid any potential respiratory problems in people who are prone to them.

So what is WD-40?

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Tips for Garage Storage and Organizing

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Garage storage and organizing - Design Build Planners Tips for Garage Storage and Organizing

 While trying to organize a garage it is important to know what you want to store and why do you want to store it. Once you have determined that, you need to see that like pairs stay together as they make a good system to remember and are easy to find. For example- storing combustible items along with wood may not be a great idea on the other hand storing sports items and exercise goods, household tools and hardware, seasonal holiday decorations, etc. makes sense.

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How to Remove Wallpaper

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removal of old wallpapersHow to Remove Wall Paper

To begin the process of removing wall paper, you will need a wallpaper solvent, a chemical (tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) in this case), drop cloth or plastic sheeting, spackling compound, sandpaper, wallpaper steamer, a perforating tool, tools to scrape the wallpaper out.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Garage Door Springs Replacement-Design Build PlannersGarage doors, like all moving parts, will fail to work over time.

Even with proper maintenance, the springs of garage roller doors are expected to last as long as seven years.

Yet without adequate care, a breakdown will occur sooner rather than later. You will hear it snap when you least expect it to happen.

If your first instinct is to fix the problem yourself, you must be a confident do-it-yourselfer.

But be warned – this is no ordinary DIY job.

Before you attempt to repair or replace the troublesome springs of your garage door, here are a few things you need to know.

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