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Neoclassical Style Home

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Architecture: Neoclassical Style Home

Neo-Classical style home - Design Build PlannersHistory

Neoclassical Style Homes are part of history. Like many other designs, they come from another region of the world. The design comes from Ancient Rome and Greece. From 1895 to 1950 this style of home was popular in America. These homes have unique features as well as a touch of traditional. These elegant homes are mainly seen on the East Coast of the United States. Many of the older government buildings; such as the Virginia State Capital are in the Neoclassical Style.

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Mediterranean Style Homes

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Architecture: Mediterranean Style Homes


Mediterranean Style Home - Design Build PlannersMediterranean style homes originated in Mediterranean countries. They can be found in the United States where the climate is warm. Most people in the Mediterranean countries spend most of their time outdoors. The Mediterranean style homes in the United States are designed so you can enjoy the outdoors like they are in the Mediterranean countries. These homes are more popular in Florida and California than they are other places in the United States. These homes are elegant and are found in upper-class communities. While these homes are more accessible on the coast, you can also find them in Texas. They are the ideal home for the flat prairies.

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Contemporary and Modern Style Homes

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Architecture: Contemporary and Modern Style Homes


Some people tend to get these two homes confused. These are two different styles of homes. The modern style house became famous in the 1800’s while it wasn’t until the 1970’s before the contemporary style became popular. Modern Style Homes were designed by the Germans. The Contemporary Style Homes originated in France.

There are many differences between the two forms. The difference is easy to recognize once you know what to look for. Modern Style Homes have more natural color to them while Contemporary Style Homes have many different colors to them making them more extreme.

There are also similarities between the two styles and these similarities are what makes people get them confused. Both homes are simple but elegant homes. They have an open floor plan and are not cluttered like some of the other styles. Contemporary architecture came from modern architecture.

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