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White Quartzite Instead of Marble for Countertops

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White Quartzite Instead of Marble for Countertops

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White quartzite is becoming a popular choice for kitchen remodeling. Quartzite is a stone that is made of quartz grains, which come from sandstone and chert. Marble is made of carbonate materials like calcite or dolomite. That makes them completely different types of stone; however, they can look very similar.

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Island Design Trends for Kitchen Remodeling

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Design Build Planners typically creates three distinct design options for homeowners’ planned remodeling project. They generally show a wide range of potential budget investments. DBP titles the three design build remodeling plans as Modest, Robust, and the WOW package. Deciding what the individual plans will depict is a highly customized and interactive process. Family needs and desires are assessed through Design Build Planners project profile checklists, Houzz ideabooks, and a face to face consultation with all those involved.

Kitchen island design ideas (1)Regarding kitchen remodeling, almost without fail, people want an island. Ideally an island set up to accommodate seating and eating. When asked what size, most answer, “As large as you can make it.” When designing a kitchen island for size and placement, Design Build Planners always considers dining tables in the kitchen, adjoining rooms, and the dining room for both family meals and entertaining. Continue reading

Should You Upgrade Your Appliances When Remodeling Your Kitchen?

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Day by day, there is a large percentage of people in the United States who want to remodel their homes. Most of the common reasons for a kitchen remodeling project are simply to upgrade. The average homeowner is likely to enter their kitchen, at least eight times daily. As time goes by, you might find your kitchen to be dull and no longer looks attractive or brings out excitement. If this has happened to you, it probably time for change. The change can be easily done with a kitchen remodeling project. Continue reading